TRUE OR FALSE? ‘Governors Have Done Nothing With The Bailout Given...

TRUE OR FALSE? ‘Governors Have Done Nothing With The Bailout Given To Them,’ Said Dr. Ibrahim Lame — Read More


Dr. Ibrahim Lame, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Bauchi State and former Minister of Police, has called on the President and advised that the president should stop giving bailouts to state governments.
He said the president should have taken a cue from the previous results of the bailouts as most state governors have diverted the money to other projects thereby leaving thousands of civil servants to suffer without any other source of income.
He furthermore said the Federal Government should establish liaison offices in each state so as to carry out projects that would make life more comfortable for the citizens directly, instead of giving such money to the state governors who end up pumping most, if not all, into their private accounts. This seems to be the trend among governors at the moment as they have refused to pay civil servants their salaries and also there has been no evidence of their using the bailouts for positive things in their various states.
He said, “As a President, you are not supposed to give bailouts to states; you are supposed to bail out the economy. Let the governors go and meet their campaign promises. They should look inwards and look for money because there were problems in the economy when he came in.
“So, what the President should have done was to look at which aspect of the economy he should revive.”
All these are true and good advice has been given but we all wonder, won’t these liaison offices just be another source of money to be embezzled for the fleas that have been eating and killing Nigeria? Watch out for more details…