25 Million Jobs Made Available By Trump… See Details

25 Million Jobs Made Available By Trump… See Details


Donald Trump’s tax and immigration policies have been raising a lot of buzz lately. The policies have been analyzed and the disadvantages have been spelt out and this has been sad news for Trump. To get back the confidence of the people concerning his policies, Trump has pledged, on Thursday, to create 25 million jobs over the next decade. However he offered very little explanations on how he plans to accomplish this.

Mr. Trump told the Economic Club of New York that he finance his economic agenda by requiring allies to shoulder the full cost of American military resources deployed in their defense. Such allies include: Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

Trump has revised his tax policies, twice in fact. Mr. Trump now proposes to cut federal taxes by $4.4 trillion, not $10 trillion; he insists the plan would ultimately cost the government only $2.6 trillion in revenue, with the difference made up in economic growth.

Mr. Trump described the economy as growing more slowly than it did after World War II until 2000 , this description sadly is accurate.

Mr. Trump also continues to regard himself as a champion of working-class interests, and in his remarks invoked nostalgia for the heyday of the American auto industry, steel manufacturing and coal mining. And Mr. Trump attacked his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, for having described some of his supporters as “deplorables” and also for holding views she called bigoted.

Mr. Trump’s proposals drew a friendly reception from his audience, particularly for his plan to reduce taxation on businesses.