BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Dead?— View Details

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Dead?— View Details


Hillary Clinton has recovered from her near-collapse experience on Sunday and had three days of rest. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and was advised to rest at home for a while by her doctor.

Now she is on her feet and back on the trail. She had a rally on Thursday in Greensboro, North Carolina. She described her little break as a gift and time for her to reflect on the elections which is 8 weeks away.

Though she regarded the break as pleasant, she however said the elections are barely two months away as such home was the last place she would want to be.

“With just two months to go until Election Day, sitting at home was pretty much the last place I want to be,” she said.

She also reassures that she will never walk away nor give up. “People accuse me of all kinds of things,” she said, “you probably have seen that, but nobody ever accuses me of quitting and I will never give up, I’ll never walk away, no matter how tough the going gets.”

Hillary Clinton continued with her campaign after her near- collapse on Sunday and she seemed to be perfectly fine, except from some hoarseness in her voice. If her campaign continues this way the whole episode with her health will be forgotten.