Epileptic Hillary Experiences Another Seizure — See Details

Epileptic Hillary Experiences Another Seizure — See Details


On Sunday at the 9/11 Hillary fainted as her knees buckled and she was carried into a van by her aides. Afterwards, her campaign leader said she was ‘overheated’ and her doctor released a statement saying she has a noncontagious pneumonia. Doctors in the United States have however confirmed that there is no such thing as a non contagious pneumonia. They also say Hillary’s doctor is a fake.

What is really wrong with her? Doctors have also noticed something else about Hillary. She seems to always have on sunglasses with blue lenses. These are frequently used to reduce the light intake of epileptics to prevent seizures.

Hillary Clinton has experienced a lot of seizure when she is out in public and at most times her seizures are triggered by flashing lights, or excessive sunlight which eventually results in violent head shakes and sometimes slurred speech. Sometimes Hillary falls to the floor, shaking violently. Perhaps this explains why she had the health episode on Sunday.

This also explains why Hillary has not driven a car in 10. This is because epileptics have their licenses pulled by the government for 1 year every time they have a seizure.

If indeed Hillary is epileptic, why was she hiding it? We’ll keep you posted…