Gary Johnson Taking The Lead?— Read More…

Gary Johnson Taking The Lead?— Read More…


The first presidential debate is just around the corner and just when we thought he was out, Gary Johnson bounced back and is moving closer to the 15 % required to take him to this stage.

Although he might eventually not get to the debating stage as some say it will be determined by the end of the week, Johnson and his fellow Libertarians can get attention from his exclusion.

At the start of the race, Johnson did the most damage to Hillary Clinton and some of her supporters have been drawn to the Johnson camp and not just for the policies.

However, it is most likely that they are voters who agree with Colin Powell. A lot of Americas agree with the former secretary of state’s assessment of the race as revealed in private emails stolen by hackers and leaked to the press.

Powell described the election as a choice between one candidate who is “greedy, not transformational with a husband still [ahem, providing constituent services to] bimbos at home” and another candidates who is “a national disgrace.”

For supporters who do not want to choose between two evils, they go for Johnson because they see him as an inoffensive and honest man.