Trump Just Keeps On Winning— See The Shocking News

Trump Just Keeps On Winning— See The Shocking News


The space between Republican Trump and Democrat Hillary has widened to 8 points in one of the important states, Iowa.

A new Monmouth University Poll reveals that Trump is leading Hillary with 8 points, 45%-37%. While Gary Johnson has 8% and Jill Stein has 2%.

Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth Polling Institute said:“Iowa is one of the few places where Trump has been able make inroads among voting blocs that generally support Clinton.”

Trump has 81% of self-identified Republicans backing him which has reduced compared to the 87% in July. Hillary Clinton on the other hand has 91% democrats following her which is an increase from 86% two months ago. However Trump has increased his overall lead as he leads Hillary 44% to29% among the pivotal voting bloc.

42% of voters aged 50 and above are rooting for Trump and 41% are rooting for Hillary. On the other hand Johnson has 6% of the voters and other candidates have 4%.

Earlier in July, Hillary led Trump in voters aged 50 and older,50%-38%, while Johnson had 4% and other candidates had 1%. However, 48% of voters under age 50 are rooting for Trump while 33% support Clinton, 10% support Johnson and 4% support Jill Stein.

Mr. Trump (42%) and Mrs. Clinton (43%) are statistically tied among voters with a college degree while he leads 47% to 34% among those without a college education.

In July, Mrs. Clinton had a 46% to 34% edge with college graduates while Trump had a 50% to 40% lead among those without a college degree. Mr. Trump is leading by five points as a result of higher income and higher number of voters who are educated.