Gary Johnson Disqualified? — See Shocking Details

Gary Johnson Disqualified? — See Shocking Details


It is sad news for Johnson/Weld supporters. Although Gary Johnson has seen an upward trend in poll numbers this week, up to 13%, he will not be included in the first presidential debate on September 26th, and Bill Weld will also not be involved in the vice president debate on October 4th.

Although a lot of Americans want Gary to debate and he has been endorsed by three newspapers, many celebrities and political pundits of all parties and political affiliations believe that they should let Gary Johnson debate, he will not be able to.

The debate commission released a statement which says, “With the assistance of Dr. Newport, the Board determined that the polling averages called for in the third criterion are as follows: Hillary Clinton (43%), Donald Trump (40.4%), Gary Johnson (8.4%), and Jill Stein (3.2%). Accordingly, Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, and Donald Trump and his running mate, Mike Pence, qualify to participate in the September 26 presidential debate and October 4 vice-presidential debate, respectively. No other candidates satisfied the criteria for inclusion in the September 26 and October 4 debate. The criteria will be reapplied to all candidates in advance of the second and third presidential debates.”

However, there is still hope as the current poll numbers do not disqualify Johnson from the second and third debates. If he sees a rise in poll numbers he could be included in the other two debates.

The fact that Gary cannot debate in the first presidential debate will disappoint a lot of people who believe that the first debate should not be for the top two candidates alone but that all candidates should be allowed to participate and voice out their opinions.

I can’t help but wonder, where is Jill Stein and where does that leave her in all these?