WEIRD: Hillary’s Hearing Problems Resurface? — See Details

WEIRD: Hillary’s Hearing Problems Resurface? — See Details


Hillary Clinton’s health seems to be getting worse by the day. The news of her collapse at the 9/11 memorial, her pneumonia and epilepsy, is yet to die down. But yet there is another shocking news about her health. There was the appearance of what seemed like a small earpiece in Clinton’s ear. Hilary has hearing problems?

The report got a lot of attention on social media and a lot of Americans have made comments on the issue.

Hillary’s staffs have however denied the reports that Hillary had an earpiece in her ear. “Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill says Hillary Clinton was not wearing an earpiece last night,” ABC reporter wrote on Twitter after Clinton held a press conference on the airport tarmac in New York.

Donald Trump Jr. did not let this slide as he tweeted a link to a story that NYPD confirmed that Hillary indeed had an earpiece in her ear. Two of Hillary’s aides also deny the reports.

Nick Merrill later taunted Trump Jr. by tweeting out a picture of an airplane behind Clinton, suggesting it was in her ear as well.

Matt Drudge also followed up with the story, revealing that a Senior NBC executive emailed him to dismiss rumors about an ear piece.

Should we be expecting more news about Hillary’s health anytime soon? Her body seems to be on the verge of breaking down. This reminds me of the saying ‘’the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,’’ as Hillary indeed wants to lead the nation, her spirit is willing, but sadly her flesh is weak.