BREAKING: Plans To Defeat Terrorism — Every American Must See This

BREAKING: Plans To Defeat Terrorism — Every American Must See This


The terrorist group ISIS has been a major concern around the world. Recently they carried out some bombings in New York, New Jersey and most recently a stabbing attack in Minnesota, in which 9 people were injured. The FBI considers the stabbing attacks as a “potential act of terrorism.” Their suspicions were confirmed when an ISIS-run news agency said the attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State.”

Hillary Clinton, the democratic presidential candidate, released a statement in which she explains how she plans to defeat terrorism in America.

She said, “ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in Minnesota, and this should steel our resolve to protect our country and defeat ISIS and other terrorist group.”

She commended the bravery of those who responded first after the terrorist attack. She also highlighted her plans to defeat terrorism in the United States. She intends to do so by “launching an intelligence surge to help identify and thwart attacks before they can be carried out,” working hand in hand with Silicon Valley to “counter propaganda and recruitment efforts online” and stopping lone wolf attackers.

“America has faced threats before, and our resilience in the face of them only makes us stronger. I am confident we will once again choose resolve over fear,” Hillary added.

Donald Trump tweeted that he wishes his “warmest regards, best wishes and condolences to the victims of the New York City bombing.”