Hillary Clinton Has Brain Damage? — See Details

Hillary Clinton Has Brain Damage? — See Details


The topic of Hillary Clinton’s health has been a trending topic on social media lately. There are reports that she has various issues relating to her health.

First she fainted at the 9/11 memorial and was said to have pneumonia. Second, a report was released that she had stomach flu some years back and at the same time was found to have clotted blood in her brain. Third, news have spread that she has epilepsy.

This report was probed by her constant seizures and individuals also suspect that she wears sunglasses with blue shades in order to avoid having seizures which could happen if she is exposed to too much sunlight. Can Hillary’s health issues actually get any worse?

The sad news is yes. Although her aides have tried to cover it up by calling it a conspiracy theory and also by having professionals say Hillary’s health is nothing to worry about, the news always ends up on social media one way or the other.

A board-certificated physician and addiction medicine specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky said that Hillary is getting 1950s standards of care and that there are also signs that she has brain damage as a result of head trauma and some other conditions she had prior to this time.

Dr. Drew’s analysis is said to be proof that Hillary is not healthy enough to run the country.