MUST SEE: Millions Move From Hillary’s Team To The Trump Train —

MUST SEE: Millions Move From Hillary’s Team To The Trump Train —


At the beginning of the race to the oval office, Hillary was in the lead. Some individuals might have as well concluded that she would be the next president.

Things however took a downturn for Hillary when reports about her email scandals were revealed, when news of the corruption she was involved in leaked and when Americans found out the truth about her health. Even with all these Hillary is still moving on with the race.

Trump is gradually going up the polls. The news at this point is that he has taken millions of voters from the Democrats and they are mad about it.

Recently, Trump took the lead in Florida and Ohio.
Many from the minorities joined the Trump train lately as Trump has opened doors for more moderate approach to things.

Not only minorities have joined the Trump, but also the moderates who did so only because Trump changed his approach on some issues especially those that have to do with Latinos and Blacks.

Previous Republican presidential candidates had submitted to the black leaders and attended the NAACP meetings and even after this they eventually lose a lot of votes. Trump has however done something different. He turned down the invitation of the African American leaders and spoke of the black issues on his own terms.