WEIRD: Hollywood Celebrities Slam Trump — See Details

WEIRD: Hollywood Celebrities Slam Trump — See Details


A lot of celebrities seem to have a lot to say about Trump. Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney and some other stars have made public declarations that they do not in any way support Trump. The most recent however was at the Emmy Awards on Sunday where many stars insulted and attacked Trump.

It started with the host of the show Jimmy Kimmel when he asked, “If it wasn’t for television, would Donald Trump be running for president?”

“No, he would be at home right now quietly rubbing up against his wife Malaria while she pretends to be asleep.”

Jimmy also said about the creator of Trump’s former reality show saying “Thanks to Mark Burnett, we don’t have to watch reality shows anymore because we’re living in one.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus during her acceptance speech said her show may be to blame for the political climate. She went further to say her show has “torn down the wall between comedy and politics” and joked that she would “rebuild that wall and make Mexico pay for it.”
The most direct attack at the event was when Jill Soloway called Trump a “monster.”
She said, “He’s a complete dangerous monster. Any moment I have to call out Donald Trump as the inheritor to Hitler, I will.”

Aziz Ansari said, “Look, it’s an election year and after careful consideration I decided I’m going with Trump, which is why I’m also recommending we get rid of all Muslim and Hispanic nominees from the ceremony immediately.”

“Wow, this would be so much easier if we were at the Oscars,” he said.

“Mom, dad, I know I just thanked you but you need to be escorted out right now. I’m so sorry,” Ansari said because he is the son of Muslim immigrants.

Celebrities seem to be totally opposed to Trump as most celebrities at the Emmy Awards were either thanking Hillary or insulting Trump.