Hillary Clinton Continues To Surprise Us All — See Details

Hillary Clinton Continues To Surprise Us All — See Details


Hillary Clinton was at an event on Wednesday and she surprised us all. She gave a speech for about 30 minutes and all through here speech she did not mention Donald Trump, not even once.

Her speech was all about people with disabilities. She said defending disabled people will be “a vital aspect of my presidency.” Clinton went on to say people with disabilities are “invisible, overlooked and undervalued” and that America is “falling short” in protecting their rights.

“We’ve got to face that and do better — for everyone’s sake,” Clinton added. “Because this really does go to the heart of whom we are as Americans.”

All Hillary said on Wednesday was in contrast to Trump’s actions as just last year Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, whose arthrogryposis impairs the movements in his arm.

Jennifer Mizrahi, the president of Respect Ability said people with abilities in the state are the “poorest of the poor.” She went further to say the disabled people work in “sheltered workshops where they can pay subminimum wages, as little as 20 cents an hour.”

Hillary Clinton said when she becomes president she would nullify the subminimum wage, urge the Congress to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and that she would also kick start a program that will help with autism in the workplace.

Concerning the law which allows employers to pay disabled people less than the minimum wage, Clinton had this to say: “People with disabilities shouldn’t be isolated. They should be given the chance to work with everyone else. And we’re going to eliminate the subminimum wage, which is a vestige from an ugly, ignorant past.”