Lester Holt Is A “Respected, Brilliant Newsman,” Said Kellyanne — See Details

Lester Holt Is A “Respected, Brilliant Newsman,” Said Kellyanne — See Details


Critics said NBC Nightly News anchor, Lester Holt was soft on Trump during a national security town hall meeting last week. The Trump campaign had also said Trump will be treated unfairly at the debates as they believe Lester will be under the pressure to prove the critics wrong They also claim Holt is a Democrat when in actual fact he is a registered Republican.

The Trump campaign has however changed their tone. Today Kellyanne Conway called Lester Holt a “respected, brilliant newsman.” She also went further to say “He’ll do a good job tomorrow night as a moderator.”

Kellyanne also said she trusts all the moderators for the three debates and that she believes they will ask questions that will “that benefit the voter.”

The Hillary Clinton campaign suggested that the moderators should act as truth squads to fact-check the candidates. “All that we’re asking is that if Donald Trump lies that it is pointed out,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said on “This Week.”

However, the Trump campaign disagrees with the idea. Kellyanne said, “I really don’t appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers and that these debate moderators should somehow do their bidding,” she said.

She said concerning the debates: “We certainly hope this debate tomorrow night will be about substantive issues. A victory for Donald Trump tomorrow night is answering the questions and showing America that he’s ready to be president and commander-in-chief on day one.”