BREAKING: Jill Stein Says She Will Do All She Can To Get...

BREAKING: Jill Stein Says She Will Do All She Can To Get On The Debate Stage — See Details


The Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein had earlier on Monday told MSNBC that she would try all she could to ensure she gets on the debate stage. This she said despite not meeting the requirements needed to participate. The candidates needed to make a 15% polling threshold across several major national surveys in order to qualify for the debates. The commission determined that the polling averages for the candidates had Stein at 3.2% and Johnson at 8.4%.

She said, “Well, what I am really hoping to accomplish is what the American people are hoping to accomplish, which is to open up the debates so we have a fair and inclusive debate at a time where the American people rejected the two establishment candidates at record levels. They have a right not only to vote — they have a right to know who we can vote for.”

Surprisingly, she was at Hofstra University on Monday just a while before the debates. She was however escorted off the campus after her prearranged interview because she did not have the credentials to be there.

She tweeted “We were on our way to an interview with @MSNBC when we were stopped by Hofstra security and Nassau County police just now. #debatenight.”

CNN was told by the Nassau County Police Department that Jill Stein failed to provide the proper credentials she needs in order to be permitted to enter the university.

A police department spokesman said, “She was on the college campus, we asked to verify for proper credentials, she did not have them, and she was nicely escorted off the campus.”

It’s kind of sad considering all the efforts she invested in the campaigns. It’s never late though…