China Supports Donald Trump — Read More

China Supports Donald Trump — Read More


The Global Times, a Chinese Communist Party–linked newspaper wrote on Monday that most Chinese prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. A poll was publicized by the Global Times on its website that “showed that 83 percent of the 8,339 Chinese respondents believe Trump will win the election.” The poll was conducted in May and the respondents were a self-selecting group, limiting the survey’s capacity to act as a reliable gauge of public opinion.

The Chinese support Trump for two main reasons: their respect fro him as a businessman and excitement about a fresh force in American politics.

The Chinese do not support Clinton because Clinton has a long public record of intersecting with China. When she was still the First Lady in 1995, she gave a speech at the U.N. Conference on Women in Beijing; she criticized China for its family-planning restrictions.

As Secretary of State, she censured China for its human-rights record and was involved in a dramatic episode in 2012 in which Chen Guangcheng, a blind legal activist, fled house arrest to seek refuge in the U.S. embassy in Beijing. At the moment Chen and his immediate family live in the U.S.

Clinton also advocated for President Obama’s so-called pivot to Asia, which led to more American soldiers being in the region. Beijing views the pivot as nothing more than American containment of China, even if the Obama Administration has claimed otherwise. “The Chinese are familiar with Clinton as a harsh and hawkish force,” says Wang. “She is always criticizing China for human rights or something else.”

The live stream of the first presidential debates was watched in Hong Kong. All through the debate Trump however criticized China.
Trump blamed China for stealing jobs from Americans, for devaluing its currency and for engaging in state-sponsored cyberhacking.