Donald Trump Defends Lester Holt — See Details

Donald Trump Defends Lester Holt — See Details


Since the first presidential debates, Lester Holt has been criticized by a lot of people. He has been called so many cruel names because Trump supporters think he was unfair and hard on Trump, not as much on Hillary.

“Lester Holt clearly heard the cries of his colleagues in the liberal media to be tough on Trump and ease up on Hillary loud and clear. Lester Holt failed in his role as a moderator. Period,” the president of the right-wing watchdog Media Research Center, Brent Bozell said in a statement. One would feel that Trump thinks along this line.

The Drudge Report also claims Holt was like “the third debater,” they also say his fact-checking was “opinion journalism.” Holt interrupted Trump during the debates more than he did Hillary, although it’s partly Trump’s fault because he kept exceeding the allotted time to him.

It should however not be forgotten that Holt let the two candidates battle each other for most of the debate.

“Points to Lester Holt for standing aside and letting Trump and Clinton go at it,” the New York Times’ Los Angeles bureau chief, Adam Nagourney wrote on Twitter.

It’s surprising however that Donald Trump himself praised Lester Holt’s performance as the moderator at the first presidential debate.

Trump said, “I thought Lester did a great job. Honestly, I thought Lester did a great job.” Trump was also asked if the questions were fair and he said, “Yeah, I thought it was very fair.”

Kellyanne Conway’s comments about the moderator were in line with that of Trump. She said Holt “did a great job as a moderator under tough circumstances.”