First Presidential Debate Highlights — See Details

First Presidential Debate Highlights — See Details


Today, it’s all about the presidential debates. The first presidential debate was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and I must say they were both on fire.

The moderator for the first presidential debates was Lester Holt. They discussed some key issues although they were not able to cover all the issues of the campaign. All through the debate there was a live fact checker as such for every lie told the truth was revealed and every fact highlighted was confirmed.

In the first segment, they discussed about achieving prosperity and central to that is creating jobs for the American citizens. In this segment Hillary talked about raising the national minimum wage and also enabling a debt-free college.

Trump on the other hand talked about the China’s devaluation of their currency and how nobody’s stopping them. The live fact checker proved this was false. He also talked about how thousands of jobs are leaving the country especially Michigan and Ohio. The live fact checker also proved it’s false as the unemployment in Michigan and Ohio are 4.5, 4.7 respectively which is better than the national average 4.9.

They also discussed about the tax cut. Also Trump was specifically asked how he planned to create 5 million jobs. Trump had also accused Hillary of not being able to create jobs. Hillary in turn said a lot of jobs were created when her husband was still the president and the live fact checker also said under the Clinton presidency the economy would add about 10.4 million jobs, which is 3.2 million more than under the current law.

Donald Trump was also asked why he chose not to release his tax returns and he said he would when Hillary releases the 33,000 emails she deleted. Hillary in turn said there are probably three reasons why Trump has not released his tax returns. First is that he is not as rich as he claims he is, second is that he’s not as charitable as he claims, third is that he does not want Americans he has not paid federal taxes for years. Trump in turn said he was smart for not paying federal taxes.

We’ll bring you more new on the debate later.