Here’s Proof Trump Indeed Opposed The Iraq War From The Very Start...

Here’s Proof Trump Indeed Opposed The Iraq War From The Very Start — Read More


At the presidential debates, Trump was accused of supporting the Iraq war which he refuted but even with that he was still attacked.

Trump said he had various conversations in which he did not support the Iraq war especially one with Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto.Trump in 2002 had said “yeah, I guess so” when he was asked by Howard Stern if he supported the Iraq war.

Trump said “Speak to Sean Hannity, who’s a terrific guy by the way, speak to him, and he and I used to have arguments about the Iraq War. We used to have arguments about it, big arguments, and you could speak to Sean, and that was before the war started.” Trump said he and Hannity had the argument in a private conversation.

Well, Hannity was asked by Washington Post media and he did confirm Trump’s claim that he opposed the war before the war even started. He said after the show, Trump would call him and express his disdain for the war.

This is in contrast to what the live fact-checker portrayed on Monday night. Trump was indeed telling the truth when he said he had opposed the war from the start.

Neil Cavuto also showed proof that Trump indeed opposed the Iraq war from the very start. Trump has been vindicated.