Gary Johnson Was Furious — See Exactly What Infuriated Him

Gary Johnson Was Furious — See Exactly What Infuriated Him


Twitter had invited Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate and former New Mexico governor and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld to Twitter’s headquarters in New York to attend a debate watch party.

However, just minutes before Trump and Hillary faceoff on stage,. Gary and Weld went into a private room and they invited reporters to the room for a few minutes for questions.

When asked by a reporter about his “What is Aleppo?” slip-up on MSNBC earlier this month, Gary became upset all of a sudden and said, “I’m tired of innocent people being killed in these countries!” he cried, speaking broadly at first. “Hillary Clinton dots the i’s and crosses the t’s on all of the names and everything associated with this, but as a result we have the foreign policy that we have right now that—I have to tell you—I think is horrible. Horrible!”

The Gary Johnson we are all used to would have answered the question with a smile but instead he got more infuriated.

“I would be angry that people would be calling me out on the names of geographic locations, names of foreign leaders when the underlying policy has thousands of people dying! And that is unacceptable. It angers me to no end!” At this point, Gary got on his feet and started to pace the room.

The same reporter went ahead to emphasize the fact that more Americans are rooting for Johnson to be involved in the debate than they are rooting for him to become president, Gary said “That has everything to do with the fact that both of them are vilified! Sixty percent of Americans view them negatively.”

At this point Weld joined in and said what Gary meant to say was that the Johnson-Weld ticket doesn’t have as much support in general because not enough people know about the Libertarian candidates.

Weld told the reporters that “If we have 50 percent recognition instead of 30 percent, we’ll go to 25 percent in ballot preference because Gary doesn’t seem to have the negatives that the two major-party candidates seem to have.”