Presidential Debates Rigged? — See Details

Presidential Debates Rigged? — See Details


Donald Trump earlier today said the debates had been rigged. He also went further to say that the organizers gave him a default mic on purpose. He said, “The debate was rigged. Organizers purposely gave me a faulty microphone that amplified my actual words.”

Trump made this claim after his performance at the presidential debates which people termed to be disastrous. Some individuals believe he was totally crushed by Hillary, some think he won in the debate.

Trump also went further to say “My mic never picked up my devastating reference to Gennifer Flowers. But I heard myself say it a thousand times.”

Trump’s claims have some supporters. An independent audio engineer, Chester Pemberton said, “The sound waves were confused after leaving Trump’s mouth. We think it was interference from the tinfoil hats worn by Trump supporters. Or, it was all that sniffling.”

Trump said this was not the case with Hillary’s mike as he said “Hillary’s mic didn’t pick up half of her lies,” complained Trump. “But I heard them all,”. Trump said this before he was led away into a waiting car by Kellyanne Conway.

Trump also got a reply from Howard Dean, who was a Democratic candidate in 2004. His campaign was ended effectively by a “Dean Scream” at an Iowa rally, empathized with Trump. “Same thing happened to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”