A Clinton Hater Turned Lover — See Who That Is

A Clinton Hater Turned Lover — See Who That Is


Hillary Clinton has been getting a lot of endorsements lately and the most recent is from the least expected person in the world, Michael Chertoff. In the 1990s Michael Chertoff led the Republicans’ probe into Clinton’s land deal which is known as the Whitewater investigation. Hillary Clinton and Michael Chertoff later faced off in key positions that require Senate approval.

Surprisingly, Michael came out to openly endorse Hillary Clinton. He tells NPR’s Renee Montagne, “The reality is … it’s a binary choice. This is not, ‘What is your best outcome in the world. It is: You have two people, and which of the two would be better as president? And I think presented in that way, it was pretty clear to me that I should publicly take the step of saying that I would be planning to vote for Hillary Clinton.”

When asked if he believes Hillary will do a good job protecting the country he said: “I think in terms of national security I think she’s going to do a good job protecting the country.”

He was also asked if he believed that he would at any point in time, in his life time publicly support Hillary for president, he said: “Probably not, but then again I could never have imagined Sept. 11, 2001, and everything that happened afterwards. And if I come back to that again and again, it’s to make the point that to me, as it is probably for many Americans but certainly someone who was literally pulled in to respond to that on that very day and weeks after, that it was a transformative event. And it really had me refocus my sense of priorities about what our leaders ought to be doing.”