Pence Said Concerning The Debate “Some people think I won.” — See...

Pence Said Concerning The Debate “Some people think I won.” — See Who He Thinks Actually Won The Debate


Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence is on a four-day,four-state bus tour. His first rally was held in Shenandoah Valley at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.

At the very first rally, Pence told supporters that “some people think I won” referring to the vice presidential debate.

“Donald Trump called me late last night from Nevada to congratulate me on the debate. That really meant the world to me. Some people think I won. But, I’ll leave that to others.”

He went further to say “You know what I could tell you — from where I sat, Donald Trump won the debate. Donald Trump’s vision to make America great again won the debate!”

During the vice presidential debates, Tim Kaine, a Virginia Senator, did not stop challenging Pence to defend Trump’s statements.

About the assertion that his campaign is fueling the rhetoric of insults, he said: “Your Senator Tim Kaine sat across that table from me and after an avalanche of insults he said that he referred to us as driving an insult driven campaign.”

Also he corrected himself for calling the school that hosted the debate at Farmville, “Norwood University.”

“Had a little debate last night — it was Longwood University, and I was humbled and honored to be there,” Pence said.