Libertarian Gary Johnson Voices Out On The Leaked Recording Of Trump —...

Libertarian Gary Johnson Voices Out On The Leaked Recording Of Trump — See Details


The leaked recording in which Donald Trump makes lewd remarks about women is getting a lot of buzz in the political world. In the recording Trump was boasting about how he kissed women without their consent. He also about talked how he could grab women by their pussy and get away with it because he is a “star.”

This leaked recording has resulted in a lot of Republicans abandoning Trump either by publicly denouncing him or saying they will not vote for him in November.

The most recent individual to comment on the issues is Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson denounced Trump’s lewd comments and said those comments disqualify him from becoming president. Gary told reporters this just before a scheduled rally in Albuquerque on Saturday. Gary also went further to tell the reporters that he has never used such a foul language to describe women before in his entire life.

Gary, the former New Mexico governor said Trump has said about 150 things that should have ended him and his campaign but that “maybe this is the one that puts him over the top.”

He went further to tell reporters that he and his running mate, Bill Weld are “an honorable alternative.” That is to Republicans who no longer want to stand for Trump.

Libertarian Gary Johnson has gotten a lot of support lately, most especially in his home state and also campaign representatives say he could win the state’s five electoral votes.