Trump Is Doing All He Can Not To Fail — See Details

Trump Is Doing All He Can Not To Fail — See Details


The second presidential debate was held at Washington University in St. Louis. The second presidential debate was a serious battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, this time Trump did not plan to fail like he did in the first.

Recently, about 73 significant Republicans have deserted Trump’s campaign either by publicly attacking him or announcing that they will not be voting for him in November. A lot more have deserted the Trump campaign most especially after the leaked 2005 video which captured Trump bragging about groping women without their consent.

Trump has however apologized for it calling it “locker room talk.”

Just before the debates, Trump had a Facebook live news conference. He had previously threatened to bring up Bill Clinton’s past infidelities during the debate and he did carry out his threat.He invited Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Wiley who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual assaults as well as Kathy Shelton who was 12 years old when Hillary Clinton defended her alleged rapist in court. He referred to them as brave women for coming up to speak against the Clinton’s.

With this move of his many were thrown into doubt that Trump will be calm and composed at the second debate. But the fact is that Trump’s aim at the second presidential debates was not to win over undecided voters but to show that he is still capable and also to prevent more Republicans from abandoning him.

There is less than a month before the elections and at this point Trump needs all the support and votes he can get.