Trump’s Loss, Gary’s Gain — Read More

Trump’s Loss, Gary’s Gain — Read More


Gary Johnson must be rejoicing over the leaked recording of Trump as it is to his advantage. He said he’s receiving support from GOP officials who have abandoned the Trump train.
Gary Johnson said Trump’s remarks were “not presidential” and “over the top,” just before a rally at the University of New Mexico.

“It’s such a massive amount that the campaign can’t even begin to deal with it at the moment. They’re wanting to know how they can lend their support, and what’s the best way they can communicate their support because they’re done,” Johnson said.

“I would have never said something like that in my entire lifetime and his apology was not an apology at all,” Johnson went further to say.

Donald Trump apologized for the remarks and dismissed it calling it “locker room talk.” However, Gary Johnson said that is not an excuse for demeaning women. “Those are comments that I don’t think are acceptable in a locker room,” Johnson said.

Although Gary Johnson is still a long shot from getting into the white house, the controversy surrounding Donald Trump could help him gather more supporters that will make him a candidate to be reckoned with in the upcoming elections.