More From Seth Meyers — See Details

More From Seth Meyers — See Details


Seth Meyers still has a lot more to say about Republican Donald J. Trump. Seth said things don’t look so good for Trump as many Republicans are abandoning the ship that is Trump.

He said, “The poll numbers that have come out in the past few days don’t look good for Trump, prompting many Republicans to abandon him and withdraw their endorsements. Trump has responded, meanwhile, with a slash-and-burn strategy designed to appeal to his loyal supporters, throwing the GOP, once again, into chaos.” Meyers said this during his popular “Closer Look” segment.

After what we could say is the worst weekend for Trump which included the revelation of a tape of him making lewd remarks about women ( which has left his campaign in bad shape, as well as an uneven performance at the second presidential debates, a lot of Republicans have been withdrawing their supports from him. How sad.

Seth pointed out that Trump does not plan to go out leaving the people to think he lost but he plans to blame the Republicans who abandoned him for it. In fact he is doing so already by blaming it on Paul Ryan.

Seth said, “Even if he loses, Trump can still do lasting damage by questioning the legitimacy of our political system. Our political system depends on people accepting the outcome—even if they don’t agree with it. But Trump cries fraud whenever he disagrees with something or someone.”