President Obama Gives More Reasons Why No One Should Vote For Trump...

President Obama Gives More Reasons Why No One Should Vote For Trump — See Details


On Tuesday President Obama had his greatest jab at Trump yet, following the release of the 2005 video of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women.

President Obama regards Trump as a fundamentally indecent person who is dangerously unsuited and unprepared for the presidency. President Obama therefore implored voters to “turn back the forces of racism and misogyny, and send a message for progress” and they can do so by voting for Hillary Clinton.

He said, “He doesn’t have the temperament, or the judgment, or the knowledge, or apparently the desire to obtain the knowledge” needed to be president, Obama told a raucous crowd of 7,700 at an outdoor rally on the outskirts of this heavily African-American city.

“That was true even before we heard about his attitudes towards women,” Mr. Obama said, referring to the 2005 recording.

“You don’t have to be a husband or a father to hear what we heard a few days ago and say, ‘That’s not right.’ You just have to be a decent human being,” Mr. Obama said.

“If it makes you mad, if you say, ‘That’s not somebody I want representing the United States of America,’ you can do something about it, North Carolina,” he added, pleading with listeners to register to vote.