Pence Opposes Trump And Changesup Some More Campaign Policies — Read More

Pence Opposes Trump And Changesup Some More Campaign Policies — Read More


On Thursday, the Trump campaign reversed one of its most provocative policies. The policy of a temporary ban of Muslims immigration into the United States has been reconsidered by the campaign. This Gov. Mike Pence said on Thursday. He said Donald J. Trump no longer wants to impose a temporary ban of Muslim immigration into the United States.

Mike Pence had always opposed the idea, even before becoming Trump’s running mate and during a round of television interviews, he declared he policy absolutely dead.

Mike Pence was asked on CNN why he will not condemn the Muslim ban now, he said, “Because that’s not Donald Trump’s position now.”

In recent months, Donald Trump himself has changed his approach towards the policy. Trump said the “extreme vetting” of immigrants should be focused on those coming from countries that have been compromised by terrorists. This just left a lot more people confused as it was unclear if it is an extension of the Muslim ban or simply a drift from the idea.

In August however, Mike Pence seemed to imply that they would broaden the ban to other religions but the emphasis was on geography.

Pence told Charlie Sykes, a Wisconsin talk radio host, at the time. He said, “That’s what Donald Trump and I are calling for now, is to have a temporary suspension of immigration from countries or territories compromised by terrorism, and I believe that’s an appropriate action given the horrendous, horrendous violence that we see.”