See Messi Views On Been Drop From All Star List …OMG This...

See Messi Views On Been Drop From All Star List …OMG This will shock you


Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the greatest soccer players ever and could both make a case to be considered the best La Liga player of all-time.

Well, don’t tell that to The Center for Investigations into the History and Statistics of Spanish Football.

The statisticians ranked the most valuable La Liga players of all-time, and Messi came in at No. 4 while Ronaldo was No. 23. Twenty-four points were awarded to each player based on minutes played per season, one point for each goal scored, 0.6 points for penalties, for example.

Points were also subtracted for incidents such as own goals (0.4) and red card ejections (1.5).

Real Madrid legend Raul was No. 1, Barcelona legend Cesar Rodriguez was No. 2 and Telmo Zarra, Athletic Bilbao’s historic goalscorer, was No. 3.

Messi followed, and then 18 more players followed before Ronaldo. Now, it seems like a big focus is on playing time more than production. So, can we recall this the Iron Man list of La Liga?

Most knowledgeable soccer fans would point to Messi and Ronaldo as two of the top five players ever in the league, with Messi No. 1. Messi is La Liga’s all-time leading goal scorer with 316 goals, while Ronaldo is second with 261.

So the system seems a bit flawed. Do you agree? Ronaldo has to be top five if not top 10, right.