‘I Have Nothing To Say’: Lady Gaga Leaves Viewers Cringing As She...

‘I Have Nothing To Say’: Lady Gaga Leaves Viewers Cringing As She Refuses To Talk with Charlie Stayt In Painfully Awkward Interview


Seeming unaware of the tension, Charlie asked the star her views on Donald Trump, to which she sullenly responded: ‘I have nothing to say of him.’

Pressing further, the BBC presenter questioned: ‘He claims he represents people who have been unrepresented, who haven’t had a voice?’

Following an icy silence, Gaga sighed: ‘I think, what is most important is for us to try and decipher what is real and what is not. And what is honest and what is dishonest. And be accepting of those things and not operating from fear.’

Whilst the Grammy singer appeared uncomfortable and disinterested, the presenter pushed even further, remarking: ‘I’m intrigued that you literally won’t say anything about him…

‘You have endorsed Hillary Clinton – What do you think that she will do that he will not?’ladygaga

Whilst it initially appeared that Gaga was not going to answer the question, after an excruciating ten seconds of silence the Pokerface hitmaker sighed: ‘I think she will do a good job.’

She continued: ‘Some people want to win… races. Other people want to be president of the United States and change people’s lives… It’s about the intention.

‘I believe the truth will reveal itself… people are smart.’

Following the tense exchange, presenter Naga Munchetty commented in the studio: ‘Charlie did well to wait for that answer!’

The interview received mixed comments on Twitter, with one viewer commenting: ‘Anyone see Lady Gaga on the BBC this morning? What a ****. A lesson in how to take oneself too seriously perhaps? YARP. #LadyGaga #bbc.’

Another added: ‘Lady Gaga is making me laugh on @BBC,’ whilst one fan didn’t seem to notice any tension at all, tweeting: ‘@ladygaga Loved your interview on BBC Breakfast this morning Lady Gaga. Your looked Fabulous and simply Beautiful [sic].’