Jose Mourinho Says Roman Abramovich Not His Friend

Jose Mourinho Says Roman Abramovich Not His Friend


Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich are not friends. In fact, they never were friends. Jose Mourinho confirmed this theory at his press conference ahead of his Chelsea reunion on Sunday. The slumber parties you heard about? Lies. The blood brothers pact? Didn’t happen. The Christmas cards? They weren’t even on each other’s lists. We checked them twice to confirm. Oh, Lord. Ahem. Moving on.

It was their toxic relationship which led to Mourinho resigning from his first stint as Blues boss. His return to the club didn’t signal that the bromance was alive, there was no spark to begin with.

However, while no hair-braiding ever took place, there was respect.

There was respect

Mourinho said: “He was never my friend. We always had the relationship of owner-manager; a very respectful relationship. We were never friends. We were never close to each other. So, no, he is just a person that I keep very respected. “If you ask me: ‘If my team scores a goal am I going to celebrate like a crazy kid?’ No. I think I can control the emotion of that situation. Am I going to have a negative reaction if the crowd has something negative with me? No.

“I think, again, I have the maturity enough to control the emotion. I have lots of respect.”