Malawian president-death has nothing to do with age

Malawian president-death has nothing to do with age


Malawian president Peter Mutharika has dismissed death rumours from opposition party that he has gone to world beyond after his overstay at the united state which hosted the UNITED NATION general assembly.

The rumours  gathered much ground after his returned to his country on sunday with observers noting that he only wave them with his left hand.

The septuagenarian denied all rumours about  his falling state of health and reaffirmed that he is in a perfect health condition.

“I’m still alive, I have more than 9 lives. I’ll be around for quite a while and sometimes death had nothing to do with age, it has to do with all sorts of things. So I’ll be around for a while,” he said.

“I’m really fine, nothing to worry at all, the arm is fine. A little bit stiff when I came at the airport and I don’t want people to be shaking hands with me but it’s fine, the arm is fine, I can do that way. I support 80%, I can and I should be able to get to 100% in about two weeks,” he added.

Those who are hiding the status of the president health may be viewed as having clandestine motives. They may be  pushing their own personal agenda and making crucial decisions on his behalf.  Already civil society organisations and the experts have questioned the appointments of the judges and the chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission.

Politicians in Malawi have called on Mutharika to disclose all expenses incurred on his tour, including those of his entourage, as well as explain what critics called his “absence without leave”.

But the president refused to discuss the money spent on his trip, saying he does not have to explain “every minute of what I am doing.”