Lampard Tips City To Win The Premier League

Lampard Tips City To Win The Premier League


In an interview with Gary Lineker for the BBC’s ‘The Premier League Show’, Lampard gave his opinion on who he thinks will win the Premier League title, Conte’s Chelsea and Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

Lampard on who will win the Premier League

“I think Manchester City. I think they’ve bought well – I love Stones. I think they’ve got the best goalscorer in the league in Aguero, he’s a genius of a goalscorer.

“I loved being there for a year, being around him in training, he’s a goal machine. He’d stand around a little bit in training and he’d score goals for fun”.

Lampard on Conte’s Chelsea

“I’m waiting for the Conte-era to really kick in. I was excited as a Chelsea man when he came in, I thought they needed the discipline and a different angle from last year.

“I think people were relaxed, I think they won the league, and they relaxed. The minute you relax in football, you turn the switch off, you can’t turn it straight on again.

“That’s why I quite like Conte, he’s known as a disciplinarian, he’s working them hard in training – I speak to players there, John [Terry] and a few of the other lads there, and he’s trying to organise them, working them hard on the pitch.

“I’ve seen good signs. I think they will be there or thereabouts. I’m not sure they’ll win it this year but to get back into the Champions League would be seen as a positive”.

Lampard on Mourinho at United

“He’s still got it. Of course he has.

“Again, he is trying to find the best team. An improvement would be to get in the top four. I’m not sure they can win it with what they’ve got, even though Mourinho is a great manager, there’s something not quite there”.