Ronaldo: “I Need My Haters”

Ronaldo: “I Need My Haters”


The Real Madrid star revealed in an interview with ‘Coach Magazine’ he needs haters because they’re motivating him.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is probably one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s motivations. The Portuguese knows his start this season wasn’t been as good as expected. He returned in September after recovering from an injury he suffered at Euro 2016.

He’s been criticized a lot for his latest performances but that’s not a big deal for him, as he needs his haters.

“I use negative people for my motivation. Actually I need people who hate me. They have helped me to reach my current level,” the Portugal international assured.

But of course he also had other motivations and idols who helped him achieving his status. “When I was younger I looked at Portuguese players like Figo and Rui Costa, and saw how they were performing on the biggest stage – and I knew I wanted to reach that level. But my biggest inspiration has always been myself; nobody puts bigger demands on me than me,” he said.

Furthermore he explained his relationship with his rival and Barcelona player Lionel Messi: “We both respect each other. The media created a rivalry that doesn’t exist. We’re not best friends but we respect each other”.