Surprising Manchester City trash Barcelona

Surprising Manchester City trash Barcelona


Manchester City have won 3-1 against the favourites Barcelona in a really exciting match.

City have turned the tables today. Barca won the last time 4-0 against Guardiola’s men and have been handled as today’s favourites. However, the Premier League leaders have won today and showed everyone that a change is always possible.

The match has started very relaxed with no opportunities in the first twenty minutes. Barcelona were in the first half definitely stronger and had the higher ball possession. Messi ended the goalless phase and scored the first goal of the game in minute 21. Neymar stole De Bruyne’s free-kick ball, brought it to the other half of the pitch, passed it to Messi and he netted. The Spaniards had several chances but City were the next ones to score a goal. Gundogan equalized in minute 39.

City returned very strong in the second half and had five opportunities in the first seven minutes. De Bruyne scored a goal and Manchester City took the lead in minute 51. The hosts didn’t stop and created even more chances thanks to Barca’s week defence. De Bruyne kicked the ball to Silva who passed it to Gundogan. Ter Stegen was already lying on the floor and Gundogan scored his second goal of the match.

Barcelona finally woke up and started to attack again. Their poor tries weren’t successful and the match ended 3-1. What happened today to Messi, Suarez and Neymar? Were they sleeping?

A disappointing result for the Spanish giants but it was also obvious that Luis Enrique’s defence would be struggling, as some of their best defenders have been injured.

City’s Sterling and Kolarov received yellow cards, while Rakititc, Neymar and Busquets were booked. It’s doubtful if Sterling really deserved his booking. Was Umtiti really fouling him by stucking out his foot or did he really pretend and deserved the yellow card? You have to decide…