“Ronaldo can play until he turns 41”

“Ronaldo can play until he turns 41”


A man who knows the Portuguese very well assures that he is able to play until he turns 41, if he doesn’t suffer serious injuries, says Joao Aroso the former Portugal physiotherapist.

“If he doesn’t suffer a serious injury, he will be able to play until he turns 41”, confirmed Aroso ‘Expresso’, where he talked about Ronaldo’s new contract which runs until 2021.

“I don’t know, if it will be different but he is a special player”, the expert said about Ronaldo who may make some changes in his playing style when he becomes older.

Eventhough Ronaldo “will never be a slowly player, he will become slower in the future”, he said.

Ronaldo revealed the other day at which age he wants to retire. “This is not my last contract [at Real Madrid],” the 31-year-old said when he signed his new contract. “It’s the penultimate one. I want to play until I am 41. I want to keep improving and keep learning”.